Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Cension, apprehension and dissension have begun.

That census meme seems to have expanded since I did it yesterday, so I figure I should fill out more details...

Fire up the time machine!

2011 I'm married to marypcb and we're living in a three floor flat in Putney with two cats. I'm working as a freelance journalist, specialising in technology. I don't blog as I used to, but that's OK, as I've found other social media tools to use as an outlet. Also I get paid to do it in other places. My job means I get to travel a lot, and on Census Day I'm going to be in California. Amusingly that's where I was on the US Census Day last year. I'm reading lots of SF, but Jupiter is still there. I've just watched one of the last space shuttle launches from the side of a road in Florida. I still drive the black Ford Puma.

2001 I'm living with marypcb in the same flat in Putney, with one less floor and one more cat. I'm working as a consultant, building large scale IT systems for people. It's the peak of the dot com boom, and I'm working for an American consulting company that's less than three years old and has less than two years to survive. It's a job that takes me lots of places, and I'm pretty sure I was in Lisbon on Census Day. I'm reading lots of SF, but there's no monolith on the Moon. A space shuttle has just returned from the international space station. I recently bought my first new car, a black Ford Puma.

1991 I'm living in a rented room in Bath.I'm working at the University, doing research into electro thermal finite element analysis of transient electromagnetic events. It's the period of my life I describe as "designing exotic weapons for the military". I'm dating Cathy, volunteering on Welsh narrow gauge railways, and reading lots of SF. There's a space shuttle launch in a couple of weeks, but they're kind of routine now. I drive a second hand white Ford Escort estate car.

1981 I'm living in my parent's semi-detached house in St Lawrence, Jersey with my mother, my father, my brother and one cat. I'm at secondary school, studying for the first of my O-levels. I've just been allowed into the adult library in town, and am reading lots of SF as a result. The first space shuttle launches soon, and I'm looking forward to watching it on TV. I'm too young to drive.

1971 I'm living in the same house, with the same people, though we'd only just moved in. I'm in my first years of primary school, and having been reading long enough to know what SF is. I do covet a friend's Dinky toy Thunderbird 2 though, so I assume the die has been cast. They're still flying to the moon, and are starting to design a space shuttle.
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