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  • Thu, 14:25: Seems like our anti-spam engine is getting a little, err, aggressive. Are folk out there getting bounces from us? @wendyg just did...
  • Thu, 16:10: Recent Reads: Thirteenth Child. Patricia Wrede's megafauna old west sets up a coming of age as a coming together of schools of magic.
  • Thu, 17:33: Thinking that this year would have been a good year to corner the market in YakTrax...
  • Thu, 17:50: Today in the office we are listening to folk prog goodness from Portland's finest, The Decemberists.
  • Thu, 17:51: Y'know, there really should be a Charles Vess illustrated edition of The Hazards Of Love. Shapechanging faery love stories FTW.
  • Thu, 18:08: Installing the Windows 7 Flickr app on my touchscreen TM2. This should be interesting...
  • Thu, 18:19: Locus' 2010 recommended reading list is out. Lots of good stuff in there:
  • Thu, 18:22: Winter Moon:
  • Thu, 21:09: Considering turning on IPv6 inside my network, just to see, like, not because it's SHINY and THE FUTURE.
  • Thu, 21:41: @maryjofoley I suspect TAP has more input on things, especially with TAP-only CTPs such as VMM 2012.
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