Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

January Booklog.

From our LibraryThing and my one-liner Twitter reviews...

Mills, K.E.

Witches Incorporated
K. E. Mills pseudo-Edwardian magical spy capers continue with colliding mysteries in an airship factory.

Crowther, Pete

Peter Crowther's anthology series starts off with a mixed bag of the PS publishing usual suspects.

Strahan, Jonathan

Engineering Infinity
Jonathan Strahan's collection of modern hard SF hits more than it misses. Stross and Barnes stand out.

Lovegrove, James

The Hope
James Lovegrove's first novel wraps dark parable in its horrific eternal ship on an infinite ocean. Powerful.

Harris, Charlaine

Grave Secret
Charlaine Harris' mystery finally reveals what happened to Harper's lost sister. Dark family secrets will out.

Boyett, Steven R.

Elegy Beach
Steven Boyett's tale of a post-apocalyptic magical California adds rave culture to Earth Abides. Excellent stuff!

Ishida, TatsuyaSinfest Volume 1
Tatsuya Ishida's early webcomics collected. Irreverent goodness with a moral core.
Paul, Graham Sharp

The Battle for Commitment Planet
Graham Sharp Paul's milsf sets Helfort as guerilla as he tries to rescue his girl. Book 4.

Lovegrove, James

The Age of Odin
James Lovegrove delivers Life on Mars on Asgard with squadies and a Bob Calvert soundtrack. Awesome!

Hoyt, Sarah A.

Darkship Thieves
Sarah Hoyt's Heinlein-lite SF romance fails to ignite. Mildly competent SF at best, sending in the clones.

Kadrey, Richard

Sandman Slim
Richard Kadrey delivers post-Gaiman urban fantasy noir. Punching and snark in LA with the ultimate ex-con.

Briggs, Patricia

Bone Crossed
Patricia Briggs pits Mercy Thompson against a renegade vampire in Spokane. A well-written urban fantasy.

Also read (on my phone), thanks to the CD-ROM archive at Fifth Imperium, a couple of Baen ebooks, Into The Looking Glass and Vorpal Blade. By John Ringo and Travis Taylor, they turned out to be rather fun milsf planetary romances. Still, I'm not sure if I'd have read them any other way...
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