Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Heart of the wine country

Driving from Las Vegas to Silicon Valley post-CES, we made our usual stopover in Paso Robles. It's a convenient place to stop, the convergence of several roads across the Central Valley with the 101 freeway from LA to San Francisco. You drive through he winding hill and mountain roads, and arrive in a town that's transformed itself from ranch market to one of the world's finest wine regions.

One of the newest wineries, the recently opened Niner, lies just below the aptly named Heart Hill, its vine covered slopes curving around its heart-shaped valley and oak copse. The sun was slowly setting when we stopped there, falling away into the west and casting a golden light over the rolling Paso hills...

So I popped outside (after all, I was driving, not tasting) and took a few photos of the extremely photogenic hill, covered in the bare arms of lines of winter vines.

Coeur des vins

The sun was setting fast, but I managed a slightly better angle.

Coeur des vins

Paso Robles, California
January 2011
Tags: flickr, photography, travels
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