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Strip for me

I'm enjoying using marypcb's old Casio pocket camera as an adjunct to my DSLR - as alongside its 1000 frame per second high speed mode, it's got a killer night mode, where it merges multiple images to give a (virtually) vibration free long exposure.

One of the many CES events was a start-up event high above Las Vegas in a nightclub on the top floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel. In between looking at lots of new products and web services, we popped out onto the balcony where we looked straight down the Las Vegas Strip, bright neon and LED lights filling the desert night. We weren't quite at the right angle for the Luxor's light beam, but the green glow of the MGM Grand and the yellow lights of the Eiffel Tower shone bright...

Strip For Me

Las Vegas, Nevada
January 2011