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  • Tue, 12:57: Hot steak and ale pot pie soup at Eat post an interesting meeting with Nokia. Ideal for the weather!
  • Tue, 12:58: Sadly our meeting with @Werner has been cancelled, so it's back to Putney we go.
  • Tue, 13:06: Reading my first Westlake Dortmunder novel. The big question: why did I wait so long?
  • Tue, 13:08: Need an unlocked #wp7 device for an Office 365 piece I'm working on. Any PRs able to help?
  • Tue, 14:26: Maine coon has decided to insert himself in my armpit. Cats do not understand topology. Also he is scared of snow.
  • Tue, 14:41: Still trying to decide what's my favourite track on the new @thomasdolby EP. Liking the sparseness of Oceanea a lot so far.
  • Tue, 16:15: Has anybody had their Google TV from Adobe MAX yet?
  • Tue, 16:22: Awesome. The folk at MobileNoter have just launched a free Evernote to OneNote converter that links two great notetaking tools together.
  • Tue, 18:34: I have committed chocolate-orange brownies again. Oh yes.
  • Tue, 19:08: Heading into the Hotwire/33Digital party now that I`ve got another chunk of Office 365 working...
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