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  • Sun, 12:54: Emergency trip to vet this morning, as Pebble hasn`t been eating or drinking. Crossed fingers for blood test results later.
  • Sun, 13:12: Reposting for US folk: ZDNet UK blog post: What's the point of Windows Home Server?
  • Sun, 13:40: Today I shall mostly be working with Office 365.
  • Sun, 14:41: This is my island (at speed)
  • Sun, 15:02: @bindik So here it is, win phone 7. Will this one go up to 11? Metro's neat, and Silverlight bright. 3K apps and it's looking alright.
  • Sun, 15:04: RT @odedran: Just announced: Visual Basic for Windows Phone 7 RTW! More here: - download the tools here: http://b ...
  • Sun, 15:18: Still no snow in sunny Putney.
  • Sun, 15:49: RT @edbott: Supreme Court agrees to hear challenge by Microsoft in its patent case against i4i. This is huge:
  • Sun, 15:50: @edbott @timanderson I was just talking to someone about the problems with presumption of validity. Good to see MS arguing it.
  • Sun, 18:29: Recent Reads: Trust Me On This. Jennifer Crusie delivers screwball comedy in an Ohio hotel. Fun stuff, as always.
  • Mon, 10:27: Pebble back at vet today. Not her kindneys, so that's a relief. However left her there for rehydration and further tests. Not out the woods.
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