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  • Wed, 05:17: More human today than the last couple. Better living through chemistry and post-oil crash novels.
  • Wed, 05:21: Recent reads: WWW: Wake. Robert Sawyer tells Helen Keller's story as emergent web-based AI. Gentle Canadian SF, with a touch of BlackBerry.
  • Wed, 05:23: Recent reads: A Grey Moon Over China. Thomas Day takes the oil wars into space. Politics and war are two things you can't run away from.
  • Wed, 05:25: Recent reads: The Noise Within. Ian Whates delivers good old fashioned space opera, as a lost, now pirate, AI ravages the spaceways. Yoiks!
  • Wed, 05:26: Recent reads: Julian Comstock. Robert Charles Wilson's sobering and gripping tale of a post oil crash America. Hope at the end of The Road?
  • Wed, 05:28: Podcast feed of the Douglas Coupland Massey lectures, his new novel Player One:
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