Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 10-29-2010

  • 01:01:47: RT @marypcbuk: I know I'm missing my #wp7 review phone when I try to swipe apps on Android <-- I do this too! And yes, I miss mine too.
  • 01:01:59: RT @marypcbuk: it's a proof of concept for a service for other studios to use renderman in the cloud - works like any other proof of con ...
  • 01:04:40: Lots of great stuff at #pdc10. This is a really big week for developers, what with #AdobeMAX as well.
  • 02:59:26: What matters about Pixar and Azure (and it's not who's using it): Does Pixar have to be using Azure for its own mo...
  • 16:36:55: Heading out to Day 2 of #pdc10.
  • 17:18:25: Good to see Microsoft's Java SDK for Azure is now available under an Apache 2.0 license. Contributions welcome! #pdc10 #OpenSource
  • 17:19:18: RT @marypcbuk: What matters about Pixar and Azure (and it's not who's using it) #pcd10
  • 17:22:58: Ooooh. Microsoft is also delivering an Eclopse plug in for Azure integration with Java development. #PDC10
  • 17:39:34: Ballmer calls "HTML 5 the glue for the cloud". News from day 1 of #pdc10, by me, at ZDNet UK:
  • 23:14:43: The cores are still coming - and IE9 is still faster: Multicore is already mainstream and four cores are selling f...

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