Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 10-28-2010

  • 06:01:47: Safely in Kirkland , where we're staying for #pdc10. Looking forward to the next couple of days.
  • 06:02:44: I have to say, #virginamerica rocked. Great service, comfortable seats and plenty of space. I suspect I'll fly them again.
  • 17:36:17: Kindle app for #wp7 demo at #pdc10. Looks really good.
  • 17:38:56: Hmm... @brandonwatson at #pdc10: "I'm going to add one child to a slider tab". #wp7 out of context.
  • 17:43:03: So eBay is now an OData endpoint. Programming against the web gets easier. #wp7 #PDC10
  • 17:51:03: RT @edbott: "BOOM, baby! That's what we're going to do [with Windows Phone]" - Ballmer #pdc10
  • 18:00:38: RT @simonster: if you're managing the VM it's not PaaS - Bob Muglia at #ukpdc10
  • 18:02:11: RT @edbott: Reminder, follow #pdc10 coverage from me and colleagues via this list: @edbott/pdc10-press
  • 18:02:25: RT @Paulfo: Updates to Windows Phone 7 tools will include a profiler for on device application analysis :-)
  • 18:11:46: MS working to make Azure the general purpose PaaS platform - support for Java and Eclipse. #PDC10
  • 18:13:27: Wow. Pixar is running RenderMan on Azure. That's a big win for MS! #PDC10
  • 18:30:10: MS is using memcached in Azure. Interesting to see that...
  • 21:21:53: Firesheep is just Etherpeg for a new decade. Promiscuous sniffing strikes again!

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