Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 10-19-2010

  • 13:36:30: Three works that built today: Ted Nelson's Dream Machines, the September 1991 Scientific American, and The Whole Earth Catalog`s Signal
  • 13:53:25: Does Ray Ozzie leaving Microsoft dim prospects for Windows Phone 7?: Almost everything people are saying abo...
  • 18:46:00: Dropped DSL modulation down to ADSL2 from 2+ on our router. Suddenly a lot fewer RX CRC errors. Need to do more diagnosis.
  • 20:56:19: What is it about Trader Joe's Maple Leaf Cookies. Brain food...
  • 22:49:45: RT @marc_smith: Social Media Research Foundation entry in the British Airways travel contest: worth a vote?

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