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From Twitter 10-13-2010

  • 09:29:03: Recent reads: Sanctuary. Lynn Abbey reboots the Thieves World shared universe with a tale of betrayal and redemption. Deeper than you think.
  • 09:31:27: Recent Reads: Triggerfish Twist. Tim Dorsey sends Serge Storms to Tampa suburbia. Who'd expect such mayhem? Oh wait. it`s Florida satire...
  • 09:32:38: Recent Reads: Hell Hath No Fury. David Weber and Linda Evans pit magic vs steampunk in this second mil-fantasy doorstep. More to come...
  • 09:34:15: Recent (e)Reads: Torch Of Freedom. David Weber and Eric Flint deliver espionage, space battles and ice cream treats in a Honorverse spin off
  • 10:13:02: Cloning my laptop hard drive on to an SSD prior to switching...
  • 10:27:14: RT @marypcbuk: ten coolest gadgets we saw last week at CTIA http://bit.ly/afLMa0
  • 13:52:46: Geek achievement unlocked: Completed laptop SSD upgrade.
  • 14:29:19: Most unsurprising headline of the year: "3D TV Not Growing as Fast as TV Makers Expected in 2010"
  • 14:47:26: RT @marypcbuk: work? no! Internet! (well, work for me, but yes, I've done this too, even when I don't have jet lag) http://bit.ly/cRpQMB
  • 19:37:14: Amused by how easy #wp7 development is. Writing a tutorial on it, I had to keep adding features to get enough code for all the steps.
  • 22:27:30: In search, Microsoft are the innovators - says Facebook: Social search context, interface, speed of development; F... http://bit.ly/atiVQV

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