Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 10-01-2010

  • 08:35:25: Aaargh. Android 2.2.1 has a nasty bug that kills Exchange Active Sync connections to Exchange 2010 SP1. How did that get into the wild?
  • 08:42:46: Sign up to the Xmarks Premium Pledgebank pledge if like me you want the service to live on:
  • 09:36:04: Guess I really should note that I unlocked the Foursquare "Overshare" badge today, but in my defence I was trying to get the hidden BART one
  • 23:13:29: What a lovely day in the neighbourhood. So why am I sat in a coffee shop writing about Windows Live Essentials 2011?
  • 23:18:13: #ff @BenThePCGuy, @marypcbuk, @johnobeto, @pjbryant, @rupertg, @daveon, @ianbetteridge, @nigelwuk, @chrisbulow, @stevecla

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