Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 09-27-2010

  • 20:39:31: Waiting for the BlackBerry #devcon10 keynote. Another hot day in San Francisco...
  • 20:53:23: Recent Reads: Without Warning. John Birmingham commits recent past alternate history, removing the USA in 2003. Doom and more doom ensue.
  • 22:22:24: RIM BlaclBerry PlayBook an impressive next generation ARM device. Dual core A9... #devcon10
  • 22:26:36: RT @marypcbuk: Why IE9 is too simple for me even though I love it &why I want something from Office (that's not the ribbon) #zdnetuk htt ...
  • 22:42:50: Yay! Superswarm unlocked on FourSquare... 250 Foursquare users in this #devcon10 keynote.
  • 22:48:52: First day in anger with the new tm2. Holding up well to a busy news day. One think noted - I need a USB light for my keyboard.
  • 23:29:01: Live from the #devcon10 keynote and thanks to @rupertg and @Karen_Friar: BlackBerry Playbook launch on ZDNet UK.

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