Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 09-25-2010

  • 01:05:00: Sat in a Los Gatos Peets setting up my new Tablet PC in what is tablet alley - me, @marypcbuk and the woman next to us with a Gateway...
  • 01:06:22: Enjoying the combination of active digitiser and capacitive touch on my new HP tm2 Tablet PC. What tablets all should have.
  • 01:07:35: First thing done on laptop - uninstalled Norton and installed MSE. Lightweight security FTW! IE9 and Live Essentials next...
  • 01:21:52: Three Tablet PCs and no iPads in a coffee shop in Apple's back garden...
  • 01:31:52: Windows 7 after a year - new machine only 117MB of updates. Imagine how much XP would have been!
  • 01:33:47: Then again, the size of the Snow Leopard updates dwarf even the XP updates...
  • 05:37:08: Having trouble avoiding conflating the underpants bomber with the underpants gnomes. Memes have eaten my brains.
  • 07:33:27: Have realised that a new Tablet PC needs a new crop of stickers. Now, where to start?

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