Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 09-14-2010

  • 08:01:18: First Windows Phone 7 app written and working. Now to turn into tutorial words...
  • 22:22:47: Busy day. Busy. Busy. Phone calls, meetings, oh my!
  • 23:43:13: Learning about building tablets using Atom SOCs. Fascinating hardware choices that mean working inside tight limits. 3G over USB?!
  • 23:46:31: RT @RandallGrahm: In celebration of the 25th bottling of Le Cigare Volant, join me for a very special winemaker dinner ...
  • 23:49:20: RT @marypcbuk: How did Intel get WiDi working on Atom anyway? What my detective work reveals and when we'll know more

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