Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 09-12-2010

  • 01:23:28: Hello San Francisco! Tea at Samovar to fend off jet lag.
  • 04:57:59: Tonight's microbrew discovery: Pliny The Elder. Hoppy hoppy double IPA. So bitter it puckers. A cracking pint.
  • 20:03:59: Brunch at XYZ in the W. Another San Francisco ritual.
  • 20:10:31: Setup HulloMail on the iPhone to handle voicemail over IP while in the US...
  • 21:29:36: How long before Hurricane Igor gets a role in #dorktower?
  • 22:17:33: Recent Reads: Theshold. Caitlin Kiernan blends Beowulf, Lovecraft and twenty-something angst in a tale that's darker than most. Outstanding.
  • 22:19:03: IDF Day Zero. So no time for a trip out to the San Francisco Brewing Company.
  • 22:41:19: "What is the essence of televison?" Genevieve Bell at #idf2010 day zero.

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