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From Twitter 09-09-2010

  • 11:10:25: Dear unknown caller. It is perfectly acceptable to say "Sorry, wrong number" before hanging up. kthxbye.
  • 12:07:00: Cats to vet. Feel like translating yowls into LOLcat: Does not want!
  • 16:41:53: Set up Windows Intune for cloud management of desktops. Interesting product, but really needs server management agents.
  • 16:45:17: Recent (Re)Reads: Imperial Earth. Arthur C. Clarke`s 1975 uptopian travelogue of communications technology and the world it makes.
  • 16:47:23: If I was lit-crit rather than tech I would write an essay comparing Imperial Earth and Shockwave Rider as two sides of yesterday`s tomorrow.
  • 20:01:42: Need to update my custom "All The Bing" Windows 7 theme with the images from the dynamic Bing theme. Best screen backdrops going.
  • 21:04:13: Huzzah! The sandm.co.uk domain we`ve been using since 1998 is finally in our names!
  • 21:20:05: Excellent - Seesmic Desktop 2 just went live. Bit.ly account support is back! Needed a Silverlight update to install, though. #seesmic
  • 21:22:49: Support for LinkedIn and Foursquare in Seesmic Desktop 2 #seesmic
  • 21:24:52: Well, I`m definitely impressed with the release Seesmic Desktop 2. Great job @seesmic and @loic!
  • 22:31:23: Dolph Lundgren, Unicorn: http://bit.ly/9EMBtH(via @andrewducker)
  • 23:14:14: New York without using Avenues: http://nyr.kr/9I2cv8 (via @warrenellis)

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Sep. 10th, 2010 09:32 am (UTC)
It was in the name of the friend who'd registered for us (while we were all in a pub) back in 1998. Because the UK naming authority had upgraded its systems so many times, the ownership information was in old database fields, and the new systems couldn't be used to change it.

It really hadn't been an issue, but then we thought it should really be sorted out if we ever wanted to move hosts or do anything complicated, as it had been quite a hassle getting a new security certificate for our mail server over the summer.
Sep. 11th, 2010 05:42 am (UTC)