Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 09-09-2010

  • 11:10:25: Dear unknown caller. It is perfectly acceptable to say "Sorry, wrong number" before hanging up. kthxbye.
  • 12:07:00: Cats to vet. Feel like translating yowls into LOLcat: Does not want!
  • 16:41:53: Set up Windows Intune for cloud management of desktops. Interesting product, but really needs server management agents.
  • 16:45:17: Recent (Re)Reads: Imperial Earth. Arthur C. Clarke`s 1975 uptopian travelogue of communications technology and the world it makes.
  • 16:47:23: If I was lit-crit rather than tech I would write an essay comparing Imperial Earth and Shockwave Rider as two sides of yesterday`s tomorrow.
  • 20:01:42: Need to update my custom "All The Bing" Windows 7 theme with the images from the dynamic Bing theme. Best screen backdrops going.
  • 21:04:13: Huzzah! The domain we`ve been using since 1998 is finally in our names!
  • 21:20:05: Excellent - Seesmic Desktop 2 just went live. account support is back! Needed a Silverlight update to install, though. #seesmic
  • 21:22:49: Support for LinkedIn and Foursquare in Seesmic Desktop 2 #seesmic
  • 21:24:52: Well, I`m definitely impressed with the release Seesmic Desktop 2. Great job @seesmic and @loic!
  • 22:31:23: Dolph Lundgren, Unicorn: @andrewducker)
  • 23:14:14: New York without using Avenues: (via @warrenellis)

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