Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 09-06-2010

  • 10:19:11: The first real sign of autumn in suburbia: the new Ikea catalogue has just plopped through the letterbox.
  • 10:29:45: Signs you`re living in the future: children need USB flash drives as essential back to school equipment.
  • 10:31:01: Writing about anti-spam for Exchange. Also cloud-anti-spam. PRs with products in this space, please drop me a line.
  • 10:33:54: Surprise fact of the mornoing. The soundtrack to "Silent Running" was written by P.D.Q Bach`s alter-ego.
  • 11:56:21: So whatever happened to social PR? Tweet asking for pitches for a piece, and no-one replies. Hype over reality once more.
  • 16:14:43: As an old-school Traveller GM, you know I have to love this:
  • 22:32:15: Broken the back of this Exchange anti-spam piece. In which case I think it is time to stop for the night.

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