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From Twitter 09-02-2010

  • 08:45:15: Ah hah! I can haz new SAN certificate foir the mailserver.
  • 10:23:35: Useful website of the day: Microsoft's Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer at http://bit.ly/cbvSEX EAS, RPC/HTTPS, EWS and SMTP tests.
  • 11:50:34: Really horrible artifiacting in the iTunes 10 tray icon on Windows 7. Makes the whole experience grate.
  • 16:47:39: A new ZDNet UK blog post: a look at a mostly unknown tool, the Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyser. http://bit.ly/cZR9KN
  • 18:22:34: At a big screen showing of Back To The Future. It's like going back in time...
  • 18:37:47: Hah! Some one just walked in with a hoverboard. Definitely an audience of BTTF fans...

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