Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 08-27-2010

  • 13:16:33: A big (and I mean big) bag of USB sticks off to Rocket PR who have a client who recycles them.
  • 15:23:15: Ouch - the Disney tax starts to bite next month. ESTA will cost $14 per application from the 8th of Sept. Thank goodness I have a visa...
  • 15:23:59: Cannot see the rationale in a tax to raise money for tourism marketting by taxing those self-same tourists.
  • 15:41:46: RT @brendacooper: Tech futures and saving the world - upcoming event - Fire Global West Coast: I went last year, l ...
  • 17:20:30: RT @marypcbuk: How do I hate Smartphone OSs; let me count the ways #zdnetuk I think I get up to ten; how about you?
  • 19:10:49: RT @maryjofoley: Windows Live whiplash: Live Sync reverts back to Live Mesh:
  • 21:29:27: Trying out Fennec on the Nexus One. Looking good so far.

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