Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 08-25-2010

  • 09:50:12: Good to see @sfxmagazine making it to 200 issues. Both @marypcbuk and I wrote in issue 1 - and remember the launch at The Creature Factory.
  • 12:27:11: Cleared out the box of press release USB sticks on the desk. Time to take a batch down to the charity shops...
  • 15:44:50: My oldest digital photos are over 12 years old. Wow.
  • 16:44:37: RT @maryjofoley: Is this Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 9 interface?
  • 20:02:02: The oldest digital photograph on my hard disk - March 1998, taken with an early Casio:
  • 20:37:45: Recent rereads: When Heaven Fell. William Barton's modern SF classic tale of collaboration and compassion. A moral delimma encapsulated.
  • 20:38:54: Recent rereads: Welcome To Temptation. Jennifer Crusie wraps redemptive fiction in the guise of romance. Snark and movie quotes abound.
  • 20:40:10: Recent rereads: Faking It. More Jennifer Crusie, in an Ohio tale of lust, crime and life reclaimed. Snark, drag and 60's girl groups, too!

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