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From Twitter 08-19-2010

  • 13:37:40: Recent Reads: ORA:CLE. Kevin O'Donnell Jr delivers a future thriller of conspiracy and censorship with one scholar to navigate it all.
  • 14:40:44: RT @ianbetteridge: The first ever issue of Personal Computer World - just how awesome? http://bit.ly/bxdTae
  • 14:41:19: Playing with Pure's new Flowsongs service. Interesting approach to cloud music...
  • 15:15:58: Theory for why Intel bought McAfee: they were just across the road.
  • 17:56:33: RT @marypcbuk: dragons hold their own but plain old mist ousting glowy magic; screamingly funny fantasy cover art stats http://ow.ly/2rYug
  • 18:10:32: When did the PHB start dressing like Steve Jobs? http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2010-08-19/
  • 18:38:13: RT @kleptones: RT @circlein2square: New CIS Feature: Eric of The Kleptones talks about mash-ups and the digital age! http://bit.ly/cPnQvl
  • 20:20:08: Aaargh! I clicked the wrong button, and my Freecell streak ends at 745 games...

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