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I woke up early this morning, feeling better than I've felt for two or three days, so I've been updating the firmware and tweaking the focus on the webcam, which shows the view out of our back window.

What you can see are the sides of railway cutting that runs through the middle of Putney, and acts as a green corridor cutting its way across south west London, bringing foxes, jays, squirrels and woodpeckers to the tree at the end of the flat downstairs' garden. The trees in the distance behind the houses are in the park that's on the south bank of the Thames, off Putney Bridge Road.

As this entry is just pointing to the uploaded image on our site, it'll actually update every 5 minutes during UK daylight hours.

I'm a great fan of network devices like the Axis network attached camera that we use, it's an embedded Linux device that just plugs in and (with a little configuration) goes.
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