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One of the joys of the Channel Islands is the myriad sea birds - from the terns nesting on Brehon in the Little Russel, to the puffins near Gronez on Jersey's north coast, to the ubiquitous gulls - black-backed (greater and lesser), herring, and black-headed.

But there are birds you don't usually see from land, out in the Channel skimming the waves petrels, guillemots, and, of course, gannets. I braved the rear deck of the Condor Express as it sped towards Alderney, and watched a gannet skim the waves, black wingtips and yellow beak.

Skimming The Waves

As we swept past Alderney we came close to Ortac, home to thousands of gannets. The rock was covered in them, and the sky around it full of white birds. We won't talk of just why the rock is so white...

Ortac and its Gannets

Ortac, Alderney
August 2010
Tags: flickr, gannets, ortac, photography, travels
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