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A very steampunk moment

At the tip of Palos Verdes, the small peninsula between Los Angeles and Long Beach, is a whale watching plaza. At the right time of the year it's a great place to see whales, as they come in close to the cliffs - and the docents at the site keep a list of what's been seen recently, usually greys and humpbacks, but occasionally they list a blue or two...

After this year's FiRe, we stopped off at the plaza to drink a cup of coffee and nibble a sandwich, watching a small pod of dolphins lope through the forests of kelp, sea wolves on the hunt. Suddenly we heard a buzzing sound and looked up. Maybe a portal had opened up into some alternate world, where zeppellins still ruled the skies, as an airship loomed out of the breaking marine layer, climbing up through a gap in the clouds. Were my brass goggles handy?

Sadly, no. It was just a Goodyear blimp, making a circuit from its home base at Long Beach airport. But it was still cool enough to photograph.

Out Of The Clouds

Palos Verdes, California
May 2010