Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Ah, the weekend...

It's good having a decent Italian deli/coffeeshop/restaurant just at the end of the road, somewhere to sit with a pastry or pasta and a well made espresso - and with free wifi.

It took a long time for the restaurant slot in the faux art deco SW15H to fill, and we were worried that being hidden down by the Tube station embankment meant that it would remain empty. But then came Valentina, and we were pleasantly surprised. Great food, great ingredients and nice folk. What had been an empty storefront in a residential building was suddenly bustling and welcoming, and a place to sit on a Saturday lunchtime with a book and a coffee...

Après Valentina

Putney, London
July 2010
Tags: coffee, flickr, food, photography
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