Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

From Twitter 07-25-2010

  • 11:40:41: Recent Reads: Forsake The Sky. Early Tim Powers is an uncharacteristic swashbuckling space opera homage to Dumas. En garde!
  • 15:43:19: Wondering how it is that my favourite country rock album was made by someone from north east England...
  • 18:03:30: Huzzah! My multitouch Flash example app is scaling and rotating...
  • 18:13:08: Apres Valentina:
  • 18:30:09: My free iPhone bumpers have been dispatched already. That#s impressive, as they were meant to arrive at the end of August.
  • 21:46:34: Pleasantly surprised by Sherlock. Lots of lessons from recent US crime dramas...

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