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The Old Sea Towers And The New

There are forts and castles all round the coasts of the British Isles, the hallmark of an island nation. They're the majestic Norman and Elizabethan keeps, the squat shapes of the forts, batteries and towers of the Napoleonic wars. And they're the metal and concrete constructions that defended the islands throughout the wars of the twentieth century.

Some of the strangest date from that period, the metal boxes of the sea forts that guarded the entrance to the Thames. Standing tall against the North Sea, they're still there, but now they've been joined by something else...

...the elegant shapes of the wind turbines, mechanical flowers growing from the sea, blades slowly turning in the breeze.

It's not hard to imagine some grim meathook Paolo Bacigalupi future where those forts are in use again, guarding the turbines that still power flickers of post-oil crash civilisation -a viridian military at work.

The Old Sea Towers And The New

Reculver, Kent
July 2010
Tags: flickr, photography
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