Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson


Driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway, if not the longest, then certainly the narrowest, US National Park, we stopped at Brinegar Cabin, in North Carolina. It's a beautiful spot (at least in the spring), a hollow in the top of the mountains, with a cabin looking east down a valley.

I was walking round the cabin, looking for things to photograph, when I met...


I can only describe it as the Incredible Hulk of bees. Pumped up on what must have been steroid infused pollen, it was the size of a small hummingbird - and it wasn't happy. Oh no. The demure drone of a British bee was replaced with a whining rasp, as it stood me down in an ominous hover. This was not going to end well...

It's a Bee!

Brinegar Cabin, North Carolina
May 2010
Tags: bee, photography, travel
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