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Flying North

Standing on a beach, watching the sun fall off the edge of the world, the light does amazing things. Sometimes you have a camera with you.

Evening on Laguna Beach, just south east of LA, and a gull heads north up the strand. Its body is silhouetted against the sky, its wings reflecting the golden light of the setting sun. The exposure blurs them slightly, turning feathers into fire, and a common bird into a phoenix, flames licking its body as it heads to its nest for its final immolation.

Flying North

And then it reminded me of a Thomas Dolby song...

Metal bird dip wing of fire
whose airlanes comb dark Earth
the poles are tethers we were born in
on the brink of a whole new deal
on the floor of a hotel bar
I'm staring right into the light
and I'm drawn in like a moth
and I'm flying North again...

Laguna Beach, California
May 2010