Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 17:01 My ZDnet review of the final Office 2010 bits: #
  • 17:03 Fascinating discussion on cloud and the future from Ray Ozzie here at #fire2010. #
  • 17:12 Cloud discussion at #fire2010 is converging on the distributed software issue - and how regulation affects it. #
  • 17:30 World Of Warcraft guilds as a tool for working in a pull knowledge economy, processing information efficiently and socially. Wow. #fire2010 #
  • 21:46 DesigbBuildBLUFF: fascinating social architecture programme at Universitgy of Utah #fire2010 #
  • 04:13 Climate Refugees is one of the most unsettling and moving documentaries I've seen. A must view. #fire2010 #
  • 05:39 Every home should have a VPN to its servers. Just sayin' #
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