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Your cute overdose

Time for a confession: I can't resist photographing the sea otters at Moss Landing.

I know I'm only making excuses when I tell you that they're just asking for it, really, drifting along there in the harbour, all photogenic. It's just me. They're wild animals after all, sheltering from the wild Pacific and its myriad predators in a shallow slough. Sometimes I'll stand there and watch them float for a while, and then snap off a quick snap or two. Other times I'll be snapping away as soon as I'm on the causeway.

That's how it was last Sunday. A pair of otters was floating close in, one washing, the other sleeping. I spent most of my time photographing one washing a leg, but then suddenly the other, lighter-coloured otter moved, rolling over and over, paws clasped in front of its face.

And that's how I got this image:

Ready for my close up

Moss Landing, California
April 2010
Tags: flickr, photography, sea otter
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