Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Behind the door

We (along with spikeiowa) went to watch the queue at the Palo Alto Apple Store on Friday night, where the cold geeks in their iCamp were outnumbered by the media, in order to cover the iPad queuing experience for an editor back home in the UK.

To be honest, the idea of queuing in the cold for a piece of technology doesn't really work for me, but the queuees were having fun. We wandered over to look at the TV vans, only to see an empty alleyway, with a couple of traffic cones in the cone of light from over a locked back door. It was the back of the Apple Store, its clinical grey hiding the shiny objects of techolust within.

It made a cool photo...

Behind the door....

Palo Alto, California
April 2010

Pop along to IT Pro to read the resulting article and photo gallery.

And yes, it did remind us a lot of an Easter vigil, with the faithful waiting for the newly risen Steve to appear. Quite creepy, when you think about it.
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