Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

We're on a road to nowhere...

Climbing out of Death Valley, over the Panamint Mountains, you come to the long descent down into the Panamint Valley, where the road lances out across a playa and up into the air space of the China Lake military ranges. You've just climbed more than 4000 feet up over the ranges, from the below-sea-level bottom of Death Valley, from the heat of the valley floor to just below the snow on the peaks, before swooping down the slopes into the valley, looking at the distant dunes and the closer clinker cones.

A classic, thrilling drive - and it's been one of those roads where I've wanted to stop, stand in the middle, and take the ultimate perspective highway shot.

So I this time I finally did it.

The Road To Nowhere

Panamint Valley, California
March 2010
Tags: flickr, photography, travels
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