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Daily Twitterings

  • 11:01 Bruce Wooley, Trevor Horn. Is tonight's @tdolby2001 gig going to feature a Camera Club reunionette?
  • 13:44 Killing my FriendFeed account. I'm not seeing the point any more...
  • 14:04 Flip charged for tonight's concert. Now to see if I can get it to fit on the GorillaPod...
  • 14:31 I seem to have the ball of cat. The trouble with two grey beasts is you can't tell where one ends and the other begins.
  • 14:45 Crikey - a friend just told me that the tout price for tickets to the @tdolby2001 gig is now £130. Glad I got mine the day of release!
  • 19:15 Heading in to Union Chapel for the Thomas Dolby gig...
  • 21:34 Trevor Horn and Bruce Woolley did a cracking Airwaves with @tdolby2001. Theremin FTW!
  • 23:25 Heading home after @tdolby2001 circumnavigated the flat earth in style. Third gig of his I've been to - all very different.