Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 12:28 Two more disks added to the new server, and 4GB of additional RAM on the way. Liking this ML110 G6 a lot.
  • 15:59 Ahah! For all the old UKOL folk out there, I spoke to @bobbyllew at the Intel event and he's heard from Charlie Dancey recently...
  • 16:01 Recent reads: Kitty Takes A Holiday - Carrie Vaughan's werefolf DJ hides out Colorado, only to stumble into two mysteries. Fun stuff.
  • 16:11 Recent reads: Callahan's Con - Spider Robinson mixes time travel and the long con, while sharing joy and lessening pain in Key West.
  • 18:02 Replaced a CFL with a LED bulb. Let's see if it lasts 35 years...
  • 18:14 All the sky:
  • 18:52 Annnoyed with Explicitly did not select their insurance for the drives I bought. Discovered it on the invoice. Not good.
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