Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 10:38 Happy birthday Photoshop!
  • 12:03 The Albuquerque Balloon Museum has asked if it can use one of my landscape photographs in an exhibition. Wow.
  • 13:28 I see Microsoft has updated the #osc download page with full instructions for updating Office 2010 beta.
  • 16:22 Recent reads: The Chronicles of Chrestomanci vol III - Omnibus of two recent Diana Wynne Jones YA fantasies. Whimsical and delightful.
  • 16:31 Waiting it out:
  • 17:59 Switching my bedside laptop from the MacBook to a netbook. Lighter and quieter!
  • 20:21 Interesting. A Spanish wallpaper site is linking to my pictures of the Mittens. Me: Them:
  • 20:36 Best CAPTCHA ever?
  • 20:50 Thinking about The Pinhoe Egg, one of the Diana Wynne Jones' I just read - it's a fantasy H E Bates. The Darling Buds of Griffins.
  • 21:39 Windows Phone: more smart, less phone?: Given that I've gone from a Windows Mobile fan to something of a Windows M...
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