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Daily Twitterings

  • 14:45 Heading home after a fascinating morning at @rackspaceemea's Slough datacentre. Interesting catching up with the state of the art.
  • 16:32 Found out why I was getting problems with the new version of the Outlook Social Connector. You must uninstall the old release first. Doh!
  • 17:33 Do people actually read press releases? So many stories out there saying the new OCS beta is only Outlook 2010. Nope. 2003 and 2007 too.
  • 17:51 ZDnet UK First Take on the new Office Social Connector: bit.ly/bgG2Qa
  • 21:56 I seem to have 8 TB between my legs at the moment. Possibly too many NAS arrays under this desk...
  • 23:18 I want to be in Paso Robles. My favourite deli there @farmstand46 is making cassoulet tomorrow...