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Daily Twitterings

  • 12:34 Arkham's Razor applies to the tie up between Intel and Nokia: bit.ly/d2LaOy
  • 13:22 When product naming clashes with H.P. Lovecraft: H.P Lovecraft's dark, weird fantastic fiction has become the firs... bit.ly/9NEQzf
  • 14:05 Orange press release out with details of Windows Phone Series 7.
  • 14:07 Key feature from the Orange press release is the integration of SIM authentication and Windows Live ID for Zune Music and XBox Live.
  • 14:23 Windows Phone 7 uses a *lot* of Zune HD UI concepts. #wp7
  • 14:27 #wp7 thought: like most new phones this is completely useless when you're roaming. Data connectivity is a must.
  • 14:41 Good to see another approach to phone UI with #wp7. Competition is a good thing.
  • 15:10 Qualcomm says it will be the first chipset for #wp7
  • 16:51 Here's my take on the Adobe AIR for mobile story (with contributions from @superglaze in Barcelona) bit.ly/ax29Ze
  • 19:13 I can't see Adobe being particularly happy about Microsoft's comments on mobile Flash here. bit.ly/8ZY8J0