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Daily Twitterings

  • 11:00 Trying to catch up on the writing. Two MWC news stories in, now screenshots for an Exchange 2010 piece. NAS to set up next...
  • 11:03 Social gaming at work: playing D&D on a Microsoft Surface - bit.ly/aAWfDA
  • 12:51 Setting up an HP DataVault - it's a HomeServer for small businesses.
  • 18:17 ON to the next server task: building an Exchange 2010 HyperVM
  • 18:49 Experiment underway: my first cookies. Let's hope they're untossed...
  • 19:40 Looking at the #mwc travel chaos today makes me glad I'm not making the pilgrimage. I mean, £600 to get treated like that by Easyjet?
  • 19:56 The cookie verdict. Untossed! Yay!