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Daily Twitterings

  • 06:55 Daily Twitterings: 06:55 Daily Twitterings: 06:55 Daily Twitterings: 06:58 Daily Twitterings: 12:48 Back from an i... bit.ly/cHZG0I
  • 16:05 Does Buzz prove that Google has become Microsoft?: After the initial buzz of excitement over Buzz, there's been mo... bit.ly/ayUAjH
  • 20:36 Recent reads: The Shadow Of The Scorpion. Neal Asher's Cormac prequel unveils the space opera hero's childhood and early missions.
  • 21:04 Planning on selling my classic Toshiba M200 tablet. A lovely machine, but I have too many laptops! I suspect my TiBook is also going...