Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 06:58 Daily Twitterings: 12:48 Back from an interesting developer briefing with Palm. Think I need to spend more time wi...
  • 10:09 Made the mistake of finally starting Dexter season 4 last night. Two episodes in and a host of WTFs...
  • 13:05 Zion Snows:
  • 14:42 Impressed with the two Putney cobblers who told me that they couldn't fix my Tevas. Less impressed with the shoes failing...
  • 15:25 London calling to the zombies of death...
  • 15:39 Werewolves of London and Sweet Home Alabama: seperated at birth?
  • 16:15 The new issue of IT Expert is on now on Become a fan of our Facebook page:
  • 18:20 Watching the Google realtime search press event. Relevance in status messages.
  • 18:21 GoogleBuzz : "a Google approach to sharing" built into Gmail.
  • 18:25 So to get the most from Buzz you need to use Gmail.
  • 18:29 Google Buzz is a mix of FriendFeed and the old Google Notepad/Google Sharing services.
  • 18:38 Google Buzz is confusing relevance and context. Location is important, but not the whole story.
  • 18:44 Contextual mobile search in the new Google Mobile search. Nifty.
  • 18:50 Ah - there's the Twitter kicker - an enterprise version of Buzz on the way.
  • 19:51 New Google Maps app with Buzz support now available for download. #googlebuzz
  • 21:06 That's my Google I/O registration in...
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