Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 12:48 Back from an interesting developer briefing with Palm. Think I need to spend more time with the platform to get my head around Mojo.
  • 12:49 Innovation in the mobile device "war"? Possibly - I suspect I need to get my hands on an Android 2.1 device to see just what it brings...
  • 13:05 Thought for the day: Toffler's Future Shock is the mach buffeting as we pass through the transonic transition of rate of change.
  • 13:32 Set up Twitterfeed to autopost blog links.
  • 14:26 I see Oracle is turning into an SOA roll up. AmberPoint the latest to be folded in to Larry's Katamaricorp...
  • 14:33 Glazier on call: marypcb and I heard a news broadcast about yesterday's Shuttle launch with a description of the n...
  • 14:54 Did Microsoft stifle tablets and leave the iPad the market?: Dick Brass says so and he thinks he should know; he w...
  • 16:40 Thinking we need to get the phone system in the house completely rewired...
  • 20:47 Just been out to pick up a Dyson DC07 from Freecycle as our aging DC01 has gone to meet its maker. Score - it works just fine.
  • 21:26 Blue Pacific Sunset: As you all know, I'm a sucker for a good sunset. There's something about the light and the sh...
  • 21:38 Sunset rocks:
  • 22:24 This is cool - using Gladinet ( to mount Google Docs and Windows Live Skydrive as network drives.
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