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Via Boing Boing, here's a video of Kim Stanley Robinson talking about science fiction as the new realism.

I've seen Stan give a version of this talk in a conversation at the always excellent FiRe conference (a TED-like cross-disciplinary futurist event we always try to get to). He's got a lot of important things to say about the world we've built over the last fifty years or so - and how we've leapt over the bow shock of the future, cushioned by science fiction. Actually, that's an interesting thought - that Toffler's Future Shock is the mach buffeting as we pass through the transonic transition of change. After all, how relevant is Toffler to the post-industrial, post-future 21st century?

And of course it goes both ways, as Stan says "When you slow down? Well, that’s another—you feel that too. This is like when your connection to the Internet goes out for three days, or your phone line, or when your cell phone dies—these moments when you’re suddenly not having the sixth sense of the cloud…"

Also, rather niftily, the latest YouTube Player now includes a right click menu item "Copy embed html". That simplifies linking to things. Another little dose of the future...


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Feb. 8th, 2010 06:07 pm (UTC)
does taking a break form the augmented view have to be always seen as a bad thing? would a balance of internal reflection and deep local connection not be a good balance against hyperconnected skimming?
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