Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Lost Vegas

At the other end of the Strip from City Center is the Fontainebleau. It's a salutary example of the credit crunch and its effect on the all-American convention city.

While City Center managed to fight its way through its own debt crisis, the Fontainebleau failed. Bankruptcy left the hotel just months from completion, with a partially clad blue tower dwarfing the nearby Riviera. Workers were laid off, and the site's convoluted finances left to the courts, with among other cases the hotel's owner suing himself, a surreal legal doppelgänger. The December 2009 opening passed, and the building still stands empty, a mute witness to the dances of developers and banks.

The blue tower catches the sunlight of a golden desert sunset, revealing dust on the dirty windows, while empty frames gape. Somewhere below a lonely security guard stands.



Las Vegas, Nevada
January 2010

I seem to be posting a lot about Las Vegas at the moment, but that's really just me emptying the buffers and the SD cards after our CES trip. Wine blogging, elephant seal pups and more Zion pictures to come soon!
Tags: las vegas, photography, travels
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