Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Daily Twitterings

  • 16:17 It's time to pass it forward: please help long-time UK tech journalist Guy Kewney and his wife Mary.
  • 18:22 Not going to make it to the Chrome Open House tonight at #googleuk as I'm in the middle of a big security piece. Pity.
  • 18:23 I've set Mary up with a Twitter account. It'll just be broadcasting blog links for now - @marypcbuk
  • 18:31 Time for a dose of patriotic predjudice (from Flanders and Swann):
  • 21:52 One for the conspiracy theorists: Microsoft's Q2 profit was $6.66Bn.
  • 21:55 MS WIndows earnings growth 99%. That's going to mean a blow out guarter for the PC vendors... ASUS have already talked about 50% growth.
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