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Daily Twitterings

  • 12:52 Back home in London. Looking at what needs to be done before CES...
  • 13:11 New ZDnet blog post: Killing WIndows Mobile in order to save it. bit.ly/1IaEpL
  • 13:45 Recent reads: Endless Blue. Wen Spencer delivers a sub-Bujold space opera in a pocket ocean universe. Fun enough, but very derivative.
  • 13:47 Recent reads: The Sword Edged Blonde. Alex Bledsoe does fantasy noir with a twist or two. Enjoyable.
  • 13:48 Recent reads: Runner. Willam C. Dietz moves away from mil-SF with a far future chase story in a collapsing galactic empire. Stodgy work.
  • 18:56 Ordering a new server for the office network...
  • 20:15 Jerseyfolk are "crapauds" not "beans". Calling me a bean is NOT a good idea.