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Daily Twitterings

  • 15:18 Recent reads: Blindsight. Peter Watt's first contact novel explores the bounderies between intelligence and sentience. Mind blowing stuff.
  • 15:23 Survived a trip to PC World. Results: screened cable for the DSL router and an ultra-chunky cartridge for the printer.
  • 15:47 Time to install Lightroom on the laptop.
  • 16:53 Wow. Nasty outside. Just had to take Clive, @ellie_nor to the vets with Bella. Roads coming back were getting treacherous...
  • 17:02 Final thought on Avatar. It's not "Dances with Smurfs", it's "Dances with Night Elves". Big, pointy ears, blue. Pandora is Azeroth...
  • 21:31 Santa's Naughty List leaked. Worst security breach ever? bit.ly/8vCm8e